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Hi there,

Welcome to my little blog about home projects, rainy day musings and general tid-bits of our life on this little island in the Puget Sound. Our cozy home is shared with my Hubby and two busy little boys, three sometimes naughty dogs and a bunny.

About me-
I was born here in Washington and my mom's family has been here for many generations. In fact my grandmother's family is Native and I'm a member of a Washington tribe. So my roots here run deep and would be sad to leave. I have spent a bit in other places, from living on a sailboat as a child in Mexico to living on a family farm in Eastern Washington. I do tend to get the itch to travel or adventure.

I will probably have quite a bit of posts on decorating and crafty projects. I'm in no way a professional decorator, I have a teaching degree. However decorating has always been a love of mine... from the time my parents bought a Commodore 64 computer and the game "Dream House", to my hours spent working on my doll house, I have always loved seeing the changes color and textures bring into a space.
What is my decorating style? Well I don't really feel I have one style, I tend to just use what we have, or what I have found thrifting and have liked. My furniture tends to run to the cottage comfy, mostly because I live in a house of boys and stiff formal pieces with "dry-clean only" fabrics would not fit our lifestyle. We have slipcovers... and probably will have slipcovers long after they are no longer in style. (I'm pretty sure were getting close) I love to add pillows and accessories, most of the time they end up on the floor...and then jumped on repeatedly.

Right now I'm in a bit of a style re-do. We recently moved from Eastern Washington... where style tends to run either Hollywood Glam with espresso, mirrors and crystal with a drop of modern silver, or Tuscan vineyard. Both looks appropriate with the harsh light of high desert and Washington's wine country. My style seems to always veer toward the cottage look, and I did a bit of a "country house" vibe for a bit with a bit of English hunting prints and touches of red and gold. From this I headed toward more Farmhouse style with a move into a very large newly built house... I added in a bit of beach here and there, probably not appropriate, but hard for me to resist with my background by the shore.
Now I'm back by the water, living on an island... To be sure this new home is going beach cottage style, though it may take me a few tries.

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