Tuesday, December 9, 2014

Adding cheap holiday cheer to my patio pots.

My house projects have had to take an unexpected break. I took a bad fall in November and actually broke my bum... or rather broke a blood vessel in my bum. It's quite painful, I would not recommend it. Pretty much only comfortable position was laying on my side for a few weeks, and still I'm not able to wear pants due to the swelling..and then I got a cold.. ha. Anyhow. I had a few good days to work on things, and this week I decided to fluff up my wilting patio pots. We actually had freezing weather and snow a couple weeks ago and it finished off my annuals. I had already put up my Christmas decor, these sad plants are certainly not a cheery addition to them.

I thought about just stashing them back in woods until time to plant them again. Then I decided that maybe they just needed a bit of holiday trimming. Luckily now that I have a house in the woods we have no shortage of green trimmings. With our winter wind storms here the ground oven is covered in them.

 A bit of wandering back into our woods and I noticed that we had a little tree go over in the previous storm.

 I took a few of these branches too. 

I got a good pile of fir collected and set off for some holly. 

We have a large variegated holly in our yard, one badly in need of grooming.. unfortunately it didn't have many berries.. but still add texture and I didn't feel bad removing branches from it's shaggy self.

I simply snipped bits of branch and I pushed them into the pots, and added some of the LED lights from my potted arborvitaes. 

 Much better, it looks so much happier...even the rain gave it a bit of sparkle. 

Even a plant that has lost it's leaves looks better with a ring of greenery, and the makeover cost me nothing.

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