Wednesday, October 22, 2014

My Bubbling Cauldron DIY

How to make a mess free bubbling cauldron, that is kid safe and fun to look at.

First I found a black plastic cauldron. Mine isn't big.. it's a smaller cheepo one. You could easily find something bigger, check out thrift stores.

I then bought a Gemmy Fire and Ice light at Home Depot. Our Home Depot is done with Halloween and on to Christmas already, but I found them here also. I also saw that Grandin Road had a plug in version that stays on all the time, where as mine is battery operated and you have to clap or stomp to get it to light.

It makes a very cool effect, like watery flames.

Set in the center of the cauldron.

Next you need some sheer white fabric, this happens to be a curtain panel. Again, thrift stores are brimming with these curtains for a couple dollars. You could even try a colored one for a different look.

I added it to the pot. 

I stuffed it in, and around the light, but not over the top of it.

This is how it looked, I decided it was a bit flat so I pulled up two edges a bit. Still leaving an opening for the light to reflect on the ceiling. 

The ceiling effect is pretty darn cool.

It looks like bubbling flames, but no worries about fingers exploring the pot. And if you want it inside, unlike dry ice, no water mess. Bonus you get cool ceiling effects for your party. 

Overall, I'm pretty happy with it. Though I may upgrade to the plug in version at some point. Maybe when I find one on sale. ;)

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