Wednesday, October 22, 2014

Our Halloween Front Porch: By Day and Night

Welcome to our Halloween front porch tour.

Well the wet season is finally here in the Seattle area. We had an unbelievably warm and dry first couple weeks in October, were talking beach weather still... but now fall is finally here. The rain and the leaves are coming down.

Come walk up our leaf strewn driveway...

........ and up to our porch.

We are the crazy neighbors that decorate for Halloween.. not just fall season. 

Now grant you, we have younger kiddos. So nothing too creepy or gross. No blood or guts.

Some stuff is cute and happy...

Some are a bit furry. Go ahead, ring the door bell... he won't bite. (much)

The witch is currently absent from her pink rocking chair. Her cupboard is open and ready for casting spells this Halloween. 

I used the old garden gates to frame the potions wall hanging, added a bit a creepy cloth and some ravens and lights. 

A couple skulls and spiders are about as spooky as we can go. This skull has been named "Bob" 
The talking raven in the cage is new this year. I found him at HomeDepot and loved him. The kid safe cauldron is fairly simple. You can find DIY instructions here

With stuff still boxed from our move, I couldn't find my fall wreath. I did find my old fake pumpkin vines I found years ago at Goodwill. I stuck those on one of my white metal stars, added a sparkly dotted bow and some tiny red LED lights. 

The pumpkins from the patch are not carved yet. They spoil way too fast here in the wet. In fact we had one turn to mush already and is currently being happily munched on by our composting worms.

Closer view of the "make do" wreath.

If you need a rest, the swing is waiting. It's a nice dry spot to watch the rain come down. 

You can stay and wait for the sun to drop... 

.... then the house looks like this.

I just love fairy lights! They are the best at taking away the gloom. Though I admit they do make the house less creepy. A dark house would be best for that. In this case, we have quite a few little kids in our neighborhood and trick or treat is really more for them anyway. We try to stay just enough scary to be exciting, but not make little kids cry. 

I added orange bulbs to the exterior lights.

Who's watching you? 

I like to stick plastic pumpkins in my plantings, they can be used longer than real pumpkins and they are so easy to come by at thrift stores. I also stuck in some branches from a dead tree in our yard. 

The cauldron is bubbling away... 

...... you can see the reflection on the ceiling. 

These two dudes like to hang out in my bistro chairs. They tend to get too waterlogged in the yard. (and used as a punching bag by my boys)

The red LED's in the wreath are only lit occasionally to save battery, but they give a zip to the look. 

That's all of it... 
Happy Halloween!

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