Friday, September 26, 2014

House Spy Friday

I have a confession to make....
I look at real estate pages quite often. I love looking at homes and getting ideas for things to do with mine. Colors, landscape ideas.. furniture placement. Though often the homes are staged now a days, it's still fun to do. So I'm one that messes up the realtor's stats on their listings...because they are recording who is interested and viewing the online gallery...but I'm not buying, just window shopping.

So I'm going to start doing a House Spy Friday. A post to show some of these little treasures out on the market. Most of the homes will be smaller cottages, though some will be bigger if they have creative or fascinating architecture or decorating.

I'm starting off with a brick tudor from Seattle. It's actually a very common style of home in that area, but what caught my eye was the pretty finishes inside and the dreamy conservatory. I would so love to have one just like it, including the sweet cream colored stove.

The inside is staged with a clean coastal vibe. 

The kitchen's colors compliment the wood tones. 

I love how small city homes often make creative use of space. This home has an attic that was converted into a master bedroom, bath and closet. The whole suite feels like a luxurious tree house.. I would love this space. 

And of course the conservatory, so appropriate here in our climate. I would love a lovely glass room to sit out and enjoy the changing colors of the trees.. but yet stay warm and dry. A place that would have plenty of natural light to read or sew. That little cast iron stove is adorable.

The conservatory was integrated into the landscape well.. they had to do some work to use the slope effectively, but the result is varied spaces that could be made into cottage garden "rooms" with some added potted plants and an arbor. 

That concludes our little house spy for the week. I'm sure I will have another gem to show next Friday. 

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