Wednesday, September 24, 2014

Our Yard

Well start with a bit on our yard and garden. Our property is almost an acre and a half. Quite a bit of it is still in woods, we have a natural buffer in front, sides and behind. We have a small clearing in the back yard, overhung with mature maples and a deer fenced side garden. We haven't done much with the yard, this spring the garden is getting a face lift.

Right now most boxes are empty, except for some flowering perennials that will be moved to make way for veggies. The deer netting is ripped in places and we plan to put a wire fence in it's place. Towards the side you can see the abandoned chicken coop. It needs a new roof, and right now is just housing our lawn mower and garden tools. The arbor in the right of the photo has a monster climbing rose with the sweetest smelling pink roses. I'm pretty sure it's Zephirine Drouhin.

Our back yard has a big lovely two level deck, one level is older wood.. the lower deck was built by the previous owners right before the sold the house. My hubby sealed and stained it, but the stairs need better railings.

Our front yard has rather large garden bed with some pretty mature plants including lavander and rosemary. I just love lavender and I think this spring I will add some more to this bed, along with some taller plants towards the hedge.

The back yard has this rustic playground, built out of cedar it blends into the yard fairly well and is quite fun to play on... I mean the kids enjoy it.. you know because I of course don't go out and swing or anything like that...

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