Friday, September 26, 2014

How to Choose Curtains

I love curtains, they can change the feel of a space very quickly. You can add an accent color, soften a wall color or change the way light comes into your room. In this case, I wanted to make my room actually feel softer and bigger. I brought home a couple different curtains that had some of the same colors as room accents. In this case both matched a color in my carpet, and both had a modern cottage vibe. I find the only way to know for sure if they will look good, is to simply hang them and see. Most places allow you to return them if they don't work. I bought these at TJMaxx, they allow returns, though I do carefully fold and put them in the package. I feel it's rude to return in a messy, used looking lump.
The best way to see how a curtain will affect lighting is to take a photo of each, using natural light. In this case I used my phone. I took a photo of each and posted it to my facebook to see what my friends and family thought. Most people voted on the stripes. I had to agree, it was much brighter than the lattice print and didn't compete with the carpet.

The side by side photo really shows how the light and colors of the room were different. 

And when taken with a real camera the room looks even better.

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