Wednesday, September 24, 2014

Summer Front Porch

Summer is officially over, I thought maybe I should post our summer front porch look before I start swapping it out for fall stuff. I love having a large front porch.. and at some point it will be dreamy, but for now I'm just lucky if it's not covered with kids sandals and empty cardboard boxes from moving. (yes we still have unpacking to do) I actually took these with my phone... trying to capture what work I had accomplished before it got messed up again.

We have a lovely porch, with white railings, cedar ceiling and recessed lights, there is even a blue porch swing toward the end.

I added this thrift store rocking chair, I painted it with Rust-oleum Panters Touch in Berry Pink. The color matches the geraniums in my pot very well. 

 I added some accents in this corner.. it really needs something with more umph. It's too shady to put a potted plant. I like to put pots where mother nature will water them. (I'm lazy) Another summer project was these white metal stars. They were rustic red, but the color blended into the shingle color too much, so I hit them with some Petal White.. I think they will also be a great Christmas accent this winter.
My pots... they got a late start this year. I had nice flowers I had planted for selling and showing our previous home... but the trailer ride over to their new home did them in. I had to replant it, and so they have not matured too much. I have gotten some pretty geranium blossoms, the petunia and sweet potato vine have not trailed much. Bummer as I love having that dark potato vine for Halloween decorating. Notice my little dragon? He likes to guard the front porch. :)

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  1. I love how large your garden is! And you have some pretty nice plants as well; it gives the whole place a vibrant and soothing atmosphere. Anyway, did you go ahead with your plan of giving the garden a face lift? I hope things turned out just fine. Thanks for sharing, Kristina. All the best!

    Kristina Cobb @ Denny's Lawn & Garden