Thursday, September 25, 2014

The Kitchen

Our home came with a custom kitchen the previous homeowners installed about 10 years ago or so. We have lovely appliances like a dishwasher with cabinet facing, and a AGA legacy range.

The cabinetry is very pretty, and it was made by hand locally. It has an Apron sink, soapstone counters, tall efficient cabinets with some glass fronts for display, good lighting and pretty knobs.... the only problem is my dream kitchen has these same things but is white. Yes the traditional white farmhouse kitchen so popular right now.  I have always liked how light and airy they feel. This kitchen has everything but... and the wood is in good condition and is in no way the regular builders grade cabinetry. So I have a quandary. Do I paint it and make it into my dream kitchen? Or do I hold off...knowing wood will come back around and I may love it again. It does make the home feel darker. I plan to hold off and see how it feels in the dark island winter.

For now I plan to enjoy the English cottage vibe.. the cobalt blue AGA certainly helps.

Behind my glass doors, I currently have wine glasses, some china and white depression glass with ironstone. Mostly picked up from thrift stores. I plan to change out with some seasonal display later in the year.

It's quite an efficient layout. Though not quite big enough for an island... I find it has plenty of space for spreading out when cooking. The kitchen is open to our living room and dining area.

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